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Scandinavia is a bit of a mystery to many. The five countries in Northern Europe often fly under the radar as holiday destinations, but are becoming increasingly popular- especially to European residents looking for something a little different. The region has some amazing cities of culture and history, and plenty of amazing scenery, from the spectacular fjords of Norway to the charming Finnish Lakeland and pretty Swedish countryside. Motorhome rentals are a perfect way to really see and experience Scandinavia as they offer the chance to go at your own pace, detour off the main route and stop for the night in a huge variety of places. 
Denmark is the part of Scandinavia south of the Baltic Sea, a small country consisting of the Jutland Peninsula and some small islands. The capital of Copenhagen is a great place to pick up your rental, and it is on an island linked to the rest of the country by road bridges. The city is also directly linked to Sweden via road bridge, so is a great starting point for a wider Scandinavian road trip. The castles of Denmark are often a high point for road trippers, and as the oldest continuous monarchy in Europe, the country certainly has some castles! Other favourite sights are the country’s many beaches and the three World Heritage Sites- the Jelling rune stones, Roskilde Cathedral and Kronborg Castle. Denmark also hosts many music festivals annually. The biggest names on the list are Roskilde, Skanderborg and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival.
Sweden lies across the Øresund Bridge from Denmark, and is the most populated of the Scandinavian countries. Stockholm, the capital, makes for a great base to begin your holiday and it is an up-and-coming holiday hotspot- a fascinating and fun city. The archipelago on which the city is built is packed with museums, unique bars, eateries and venues, beautiful churches, art, history and culture. To the south of Stockholm, the southern region of Gotaland boasts plenty of forests and islands along with lovely Swedish cities. The central part of the country includes the capital and also the university city Uppsala which has the largest cathedral in Scandinavia. The northern provinces are collectively known as Norrland and they hold some spectacular scenery. The majority of the country's National Parks are in northern Norrland where the harsh winters are a payoff for the natural beauty of forests, mountains, rivers, lakes and glaciers. 
Finland is a favourite choice for a Scandinavian road trip! This long northern nation is centered in Helsinki at its southern end and extends above the capital with friendly Finnish cities, the scenic Lakeland region, wide open spaces and reindeer! A holiday in Finland is great for those who love mother nature, especially the northern reaches above the arctic circle where people are scarce and wilderness is common. Further south, Finland’s Koli National Park is uncommonly beautiful and an important area of cultural heritage.

For something a little more man-made, visit PowerPark in Kauhava which is the country’s biggest amusement park. Ski fields are popular in winter, including the huge resort of Levi in Finnish Lapland. Norway is a country that spreads- it simultaneously has land at the easternmost and northernmost reaches of Scandinavia, curling over the top of Sweden and Finland and stretching north to the Svalbard archipelago well above the Arctic Circle. Oslo is its capital and largest city and has three airports which make it easy to get in and out to start your motorhome holiday. Norway’s most celebrated feature is its western coastline full of fjords, which make for absolutely beautiful vistas and spectacular driving. Southern Norway has a more gentle coastline and the city of Kristiansand which is a popular summer holiday spot. Northern Norway has some amazing phenomena during all seasons- in the summertime the midnight sun keeps the sky light at all hours, and when the nights become dark again visitors can witness the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis. This natural light show doesn’t happen every night but it does happen often- the longer you stay, the higher your chances are of seeing it!
The final piece of the Scandinavian puzzle is Iceland, and this is a much-celebrated favourite for intrepid motorhome lovers. Most of the motorhome rental action happens in the capital, Reykjavik, where any road trip will probably start. 4WD campers are popular here, because many of the inland roads are 4WD-accessible only- however the main Ring Road which encircles the island is open to all vehicles. The type of vehicle needed will depend on how much of the country you wish to see. The country has vast stretches of untouched nature, including but not limited to the fabulous National Parks. Highlights include the Blue Lagoon natural geothermal spa near Reykjavik, the Gullfoss “Golden Falls” which is a particularly spectacular waterfall on the edge of the remote interior, the magnificent glacial Jökulsár Lagoon in the Southeast region, the dramatic lava fields of the north, and more. Iceland also experiences both the Midnight Sun and Northern Lights.
Scandinavia has so much to offer for a motorhome holiday, it is no wonder the region is becoming more and more popular as a destination. The variety of landscapes, cities and activities is huge, and the natural phenomena north of the arctic circle make for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This should be on everyone’s travel bucket list!
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