Motorhomes Scandinavia

Welcome to Motorhome Scandinavia- We offer Motorhome for Hire.

We are a leading provider of motorhomes and campervans for hire within Brisbane, Australia. We provide easy and affordable access to high-quality motorhomes that can aid your holiday experience. We are not just interested in renting our motorhomes and campervans. We ensure that you enjoy the best experience in our vehicles, whether you are within Brisbane or outside Queensland.

What We Offer

We offer the following services at Motorhome Scandinavia.

Motorhome Hire

At Motorhome Scandinavia, we offer motorhomes on rental for your recreational travel. Our motorhomes are equipped with modern amenities that provide convenience and comfort. With this, you don’t have to miss home while you are on your journey.

Campervan Hire

At Motorhome Scandinavia, we have perfect campervans for hire at very reasonable rates. We offer you campervans that are perfectly suited to your adventure. With them, you can tour Australia and enjoy its fantastic beaches and sights all in comfort.

Used Motorhomes

At Motorhome Scandinavia, we offer used motorhomes on rental for your recreational travel. Our used motorhomes offerings range from integrated to semi-integrated to alcove options.


At Motorhomes Scandinavia, we offer financing options for your motorhome purchase. We have a team of finance professionals that can help you enjoy a seamless experience through financing. Our financing option includes secured and unsecured loans.


At Motor Home Scandinavia, we can help you to find the most suitable insurance solution for your motorhome and simplify this tricky process for you. We provide insurance options to ensure that you remain protected from various risks that may arise.

How We


We have designed our hiring process to provide ease and comfort to you. Our process involves the following:


You contact us to book any of our categories of motorhomes or campervan for a specific period. You can easily do that either physically or online.


After this, you wait for the confirmation of your booking. Our confirmation process is fast and straightforward.

Pick up

On the day of your travels, you can easily pick up the motorhome or caravan in an earlier specified location. Our pick-up process is straightforward, and we only need evidence of your booking.

Drop off

Once you complete usage of the caravan, you can then drop it off at an agreed location.

Why Choose Us

At Motorhomes Scandinavia, we are a leading provider of motorhomes for hire within Australia. Here’s why we are your best choice.

Competitive Rates

We offer our campervans and motorhomes at competitive and affordable prices. Hiring with us ensures you do not experience any form of financial inconvenience. Our rates are industry-leading, meaning you get full value when you choose us.

High-Quality Vehicles

We offer only high-quality vehicles for hire. Our vehicles are thoroughly tested and tested to deliver exceptional experience throughout your use. You don’t have to worry about unnecessary breakdowns or disturbances with our motorhomes. It is an entirely seamless experience.


We offer our campervans and motorhomes for hire in an extremely convenient fashion. Our motorhomes and campervan also offer you convenience and comfort. They possess the latest technology that allows them to offer you the ease of operation and convenience throughout your journey.

Fast Process

We offer our motorhomes and campervans for sale in a fully optimised version. Regardless of how fast you need a motorhome or campervan, we can meet your needs. Our process is also efficient from pick up to drop off. We ensure we eliminate our waiting time to the barest minimum.

Local Support

We offer local and continuous support for every hire you make. We have a team that is always ready to answer every one of your needs whenever they occur. From DIY guides to complex guides, we have a team that will walk you through it easily.

About Us

We are a privately owned organisation that comprises local Scandinavians. We offer our wide array of motorhomes and campervans for your use. We are committed to ensuring you enjoy the best experience.

As a group of locals, our goal extends beyond profit-making. Our primary goal is to ensure our customers enjoy a sense of ownership, and they explore Australia in motorhomes and campervans. As such, we tailor our service to protect and preserve the integrity of your holiday experience.

We are also well experienced with motorhomes. As such, we can provide you with the support structure that you need to have the very best experience.

So, welcome to Motorhomes Scandinavia, where we provide you with a great experience.


We are located within Brisbane, Australia. You can reach us for your motorhome and caravan hire