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Discover Brisbane with our Motorhomes

The large city of Brisbane is a beautiful window to Australia’s tourism. The good thing is you don’t have to own a motorhome to go on an adventure. Motorhome Scandinavia can help you take a trip around the city in comfort and style. 

At Motorhome Scandinavia, we offer motorhomes on rental for your recreational travel. Our motorhomes are equipped with modern house amenities. With this, you don’t have to miss home while you are on your journey.

Why Should You Hire a Motorhome at Motorhome Scandinavia?


Our Motorhomes are standard quality and make your journey highly comfortable. With transport and accommodation combined in one deal, tours have never been easier.

Comprehensive Hire Package

We boast a large selection of motorhomes to meet your demands. No matter your location, trip duration or passenger size, we always have you covered. You can browse through our list of motorhome options to pick a motorhome that suits your adventure.


Our motorhome rental service comes at no extra charge. The motorhomes we offer are also cheap and cost-effective. Besides, our all-inclusive range of motorhomes allows you to select one that fits your pocket.

Customer Service

Our motorhome rentals are always available. With customer representatives accessible 24 hours, seven days a week, you can make your bookings any time. At Motorhome Scandinavia, we also attend to your enquiries all round the clock.

Flexible Booking

Need to make a booking from the comfort of your home? You can view our options and make your hire conveniently. Our offices also allow you to rent motorhomes promptly and effortlessly.

Compare Our Motorhome Options


Our 2 Berth ultima motorhome has space for two adults. It is an automatic transmission vehicle and has a shower and toilet space. A turbo-diesel engine powers the vehicle. It boasts unbeatable power supply and entertainment features.


This motorhome is the ideal choice for a small family. It creates extra space for a child right behind the driver. The Ultima Plus motorhome is a diesel-powered and automatic transmission vehicle.


The 4 Berth Cascade motorhome is a family recreation vehicle designed for four people. This motorhome is an auto transmission vehicle, and its efficient engine runs on diesel. 

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The Beach motorhome is designed to accommodate four people. It boasts ample space, modern facilities, and restroom compartments. A diesel engine and automatic transmission power this motorhome. 


This motorhome is the perfect family choice. It makes space for as much as six people. The vehicle is diesel-powered and runs on an automatic transmission.

This motorhome is the perfect family choice. It makes space for as much as six people. The vehicle is diesel-powered and runs on an automatic transmission.